CLARIK’s vision is to pave the way to a cure for neurodegenerative diseases by enabling Precision Diagnostics that are reliable, affordable, and accessible. We pave the way for the true access to Brain Digital Biomarkers.

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Senior Management Team

Maria Costeira

MSc in Economics and Business Administration, Oxford Alumni, Stanford Executive Education. Maria Costeira is an experienced successful entrepreneur, corporate CEO and an imaging expert, having successfully launched a 3D visualization solution’s company, XPAND, making it a world leader, having led it till IPO negotiations with the USA largest banks. Maria Costeira has also had a successful exit on a medical start-up which developed electronic eyeglasses Amblyz™, a medical device (FDA and CE approved) used to treat amblyopia. An expert in business strategy, experienced in worldwide business development, licensing, regulatory affairs, negotiating at the highest level and exit strategies. She is the President of the Investments Committee and Angel Investor of Startup Braga’s SB, SA (innovation hub in partnership with Microsoft Ventures, Angel Investment arm); an Expert Evaluator for the European Commission with her expertise applied on Research & Innovation, evaluating companies with great potential under Medical and Nanotechnology applications, plus consumer electronics.Imaging Expert, holder of dozens of patents and recipient of many technology international awards.

Wendy Fraulo – CPA

CPA, Stanford and Harvard Executive Education
Wendy Fraulo (American), is a CPA and experienced CFO in USA publicly traded companies (such as the OTC Markets Group), as well as a career in the Big 4 consultancy companies in IPO and M&A, an advisor to public and private companies mainly in the technology world. A financial expert accustomed to all types of financial and legal transactions, commercialization strategies, fund-raising and exit strategies. Wendy is a CPA, a member of the AICPA and NYSSCPA.

Jorge Pereira

A serial entrepreneur and a Software Engineering & Information Systems Engineer. A world reference in software development for financial services. Developed solutions in a variety of other areas, including decentralized systems, retail operations, knowledge management, ERP, CRM, working with companies such Toyota, Manpower Group, Aldo International, Uphold, and governmental entities such as the Riyadh Development Authority. Critical expertise in secured platforms scaling in regulated markets worldwide.

Miguel Amador

MScEng, Biomedical Eng.,
Miguel is responsible for all the partnerships and sales aspects behind NPAi products, working closely with the commercialization and clinical partners, regulatory compliance subcontractors and management team. On top of his technical and sales expertise he is a PhD Candidate in the field of Healthcare Data and Public Policies, with a focus on precision medicine.

Manuel Gutierrez-Novelo

BS, Electronics engineering. A renowned expert in imaging and AI. Honoured by the International 3D Society with the 2013 Lumiere Award for Technology.
Inventor of A.I.L.E.E.N.N., a new platform for Artificial Intelligence Logic Electronic Emulation Neural Network. Inventor of the Stereoscopic 2D+Delta codec in 2003. IP Patent statements submitted and listed on the MVC ISO Standard 14496-10 in 2007. In December 2009 The MVC standard was selected by the BDA as the official 3D Blu-ray spec. First in the world to show a compatible full HD 3D Blu-ray in 2007. Inventor of the Dynamic Convergence Algorithm for CG in 2004 now used in some S3D Videogames. Designer of the TDVisor, a Head Mounted Display HMD in 2003, and the first full HD 3D stereoscopic HMD in 2007.Designer of the TDVCam in 2003 and the first Full HD S3D digital camcoder in 2007. Holder of dozens of patents and copyright titles worldwide.