Neuro Precision Diagnostics

Our approach

A failing brain is the arbiter of a gradual loss of the essence of being.

Every brain changes with age, and mental function changes along with it. Mental decline is common, and it’s one of the most feared consequences of aging. Almost all aged brains show characteristic changes that are linked to neurodegeneration.

Current diagnostic tools only reach a probable diagnosis when disease symptoms are already undeniable, this costs people valuable lifetime, money and painful uncertainty.

Information to Act

Digital biomarkers translate new data sources into informative, actionable insights.

Digital Biomarkers Accessibility

Digital biomarkers have the greatest opportunity to supplement existing biomarkers in medical domains that still heavily rely on subjective and observational assessments to diagnose or monitor disease as the case of neurological conditions.

Promote Healthcare Sustainability

A timely and accurate diagnosis allows for a quick and timely intervention, supported by precise diagnosis of staging and typologies to enable precision interventions with better results for patient health and healthcare systems. 

Our Solutions Pipeline

CLARIK is a precision diagnostics platform enabling access to a variety of neurological diseases biomarkers: diagnostic, predictive, prognostic and therapeutic.

The Platform for Digital Biomarkers

CLARIK offers a common API for different AI models to plug in to.

A Platform for Precision Diagnostics

CLARIK offers a platform that coherently handles distribution, technology and regulatory requirements, delivering non-digital and digital biomarkers, leveraging data sources into informative, actionable insights, via a single integration.

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