A revolution in Neuro Precision Diagnostics

Our approach

A pre-condition to reach personalized medicine is precision diagnostics. Hand in hand with the need for more effective treatments and cure, reaching an earlier and accurate diagnosis is critical. Today, there is no single clinical test for the conclusive diagnosis of most neurodegenerative diseases, limiting the ability to develop  new therapeutical approaches.

Reduce Diagnosis Time

Our approach allows a timely and first time right diagnosis avoiding multiple tests until disease confirmation.

Increase Diagnosis Accessibility

Our approach uses easily accessible neuroimaging equipment, widely available in most clinical settings around the world, while reducing the need for multiple tests.

Promote Healthcare Sustainability

A timely and accurate first diagnosis allows for a quick and timely intervention, supported by precise diagnosis of staging and typologies to enable precision interventions with better results for patient health and healthcare systems. 


Biomarkers in Clinical Stage

CLARIK is currently with a partner in clinical stages to secure certification as a Class II Medical Device for biomarkers targeting Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease.


Biomarkers in Research

CLARIK has currently under research with its partners new biomarkers targeting Frontal Temporal Dementia, Epilepsy, Traumatic Brain Injuring, among others.

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